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We have been in the real estate business for twenty years, and as Certified Oregon Notaries, we have experience in every type of document signing. We pay very close attention to detail and are extremely thorough with all of our closings. We strive to make each signer comfortable with friendly professionalism.  We are also familiar and comfortable with jail and hospital signings.  

Our skills are not limited to loan signings. We are experts in field inspections, document servicing including notices of eviction, small claims, payment requests, intent to collect, court filings and all other types of services and filings.  We have high-quality recording devices and have experience with property photography, video surveillance, and client supportive video reporting.  When dealing with potentially difficult situations, we are typically soft spoken, well-humored with an authoritative attitude but firmly convincing when necessary.                                                

This type of work is exciting and enjoyable for us, and we are eager to accept new clients with new challenges. Having very flexible schedules combined with a willingness to travel extensive distances makes us number one signers in Douglas, Coos and Lane counties. E-documents, fax backs, and short notice signings are no problem.

Our record is impeccable, our presentation is courteous and professional, and our fees are negotiable and fair.
References: BankServ, JMT, Quicken, and others. We have not had a single error!

We are registered with the National Notary Association and are listed with 
and with Notary Rotary

Certifications, background reports, proof of insurance, etc. available upon request.

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